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BBQ Recipes

Barbecue recipes are a great way to introduce some complex flavor to meat and vegetables in a simple sauce recipe. Past the simple recipes you can use to bring some beautiful flavors to your dishes, barbecue also carries a great and rich history and culture which you will be connected to when you are having the food. Every single bite of barbecue food is a brief jump back into the history of the dish.

Barbecuing techniques include a variety of cooking techniques such as smoking, roasting, baking, braising and grilling. This being said, every Southern locale has it’s own variety of barbecue and in particular, the sauces used. In North Carolina for example, a vinegar based sauce is the classic style used – with the center of the state opting for a combination of ketchup and vinegar as the base. In North Carolina however, a heavier ketchup based in traditionally used. In Memphis, the chefs opt for a tomato and vinegar combination – with some Memphis and Kentucky barbecue joints using dry seasoning and smoked directly without sauce.

In some Southern areas such as Alabama, Georgia or Tennessee the barbecue almost entirely consists of pork served with a sweeter and tomato-based sauce. In Alabama specifically, and more specifically North Alabama, a mayonnaise and vinegar based “white sauce” is often used, traditionally over chicken or pork. In North Carolina and areas of Memphis you can also often find a pulled pork sandwich as a popular item in barbecue joints – topped off with coleslaw and shredded after being barbecued.

In Kansas City though, you’ll find the most widely varied type of barbecue – with a huge array of different types of meat featuring including pork ribs, burnt ends, smoked sausage, beef brisket, beef ribs, smoked turkey, chicken, pulled pork, and even fish! This is often attributed towards Kansas City’s rich history as a meatpacking district, and the sauces used here are traditionally tomato based with sweeter flavors than nearby areas.

BBQ Traditions

Barbecue is one of the most traditional food types in the United States, and barbecue often features on holidays in the United States – specifically dates such as the Fourth of July. Since barbecues bring people together, they serve as a great bonding experience at any time of the year and helps to bring people back to their roots and to their families by providing a cooking experience which serves as both an escape from civilization and a jump back towards nature.

Since barbecues are traditionally held outside, they are rarely limited by the size of a venue (unlike traditional cooking whcih will usually take place in a kitchen) and you will often find entire families getting together around a barbecue to enjoy the food, each other’s company and the holiday alike. Many adults will also chose to consume alcohol at the barbecue, since they may often take place in evenings or on holidays, and there are not many combinations more popular than the brilliant beer and barbecue. Certain types of beer will actually accentuate the flavors often found in barbecuing – meaning that barbecue and beer will always hold a traditional place in the heart of many Americans.

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