Sep 182018

Recipes for Food

When it comes down to recipes for food, there are any number of recipes you can follow to bring the creation of a beautiful dish into existence. Although you can find a huge amount of wonderful vegetarian dishes to cook, we’ll focus today looking on some meat recipes for food that you’ll be able to put together using a wide array of meats (lamb, beef, pork, etc).

Every time you create a dish, you’ll have an opportunity to transform your base (eg, your meat) alongside other ingredients and vegetables or accompaniments into a wonderful dish which will bring enjoyment to yourself and even to the guests you serve it to.

Recipes for Lamb

Lamb is one of the richest meats you’ll be able to find and can really create some incredible dishes using lamb. Unlike other meats, you’ll find that the richness in lamb is an absolute treasure – but something that has to be respected as much as it can be leveraged. Even though lamb is a subtle meat, it’s strong flavors mean that it is one of the few meats that can be served simply just as cooked with a little herbs and spices to taste wonderful.

In lamb, for example, you can rub it with a little extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary and leave this to marinade for a few hours. Once it’s marinaded, you can just grill it (either in a pan, on a griddle, or any cooking way possible) to perfection. If possible, try to grill your lamb on a barbecue – this will give it a recognizable kind of smokiness which pairs perfectly with the strong tastes in lamb.

Lamb is also a great meat since it can be grilled on any scale from rare to well done – unlike a meat like chicken which has to be cooked all the way through for safety prior to consumption. This means that there is a whole world of flavor available depending on how much you want to cook the meat.

Recipes for Pork

Pork is one of the few meats which has a number of “pre-processed” meat types available which are common and known to everyone – for example of pork we can think about both sausages and bacon. While these two are commonly considered as “breakfast meats”, they are very versatile and can be used in any number of great recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

One pork classic, using pork sausages, is the English meal of “toad in the hole”. In this recipe, you bake sausages in a dish with some simple flour batter (and a little rosemary) to make “toad in the hole” and serve it up with mashed potatoes and onion gravy. In this dish, rather than playing on specific herbs and spices as with the lamb earlier in the article, we instead pair the meat with the vegetables (onions) and the starches (mash).

Every time you create a dish, you’ll be pairing the meat with something – whether it’s the side dishes or the herbs and spices used in the recipe.

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