Sep 182018

Simple Recipes for Meat

Fortunately when it comes to meat there are any number of simple recipes you can produce using just your basic meat and a small number of other ingredients which really bring the meat from just an ingredient into being a real and proper meal. Depending on whether your meat is lamb, beef, chicken or pork will depend on what kind of ingredients you want to combine in order to create your meal.

This being said, simply combining a small number of ingredients – or even just a small number of herbs and spices – is more than enough to transform your meat cut from just a standard cut of meat into a dinner or lunch fit for a king.

All in all, once you have a meat to work with your next steps are to identify the kind of cuisine you’d like to be making (anything from any nation in the world) and then you’ll be able to find a nice and simple recipe for a dinner or lunch you want to make. In some cases you’ll even be able to find simple recipes you can use for breakfast using meat as a treat – such as a traditional English fry-up with pork sausages, bacon, and even the classic Scottish “black pudding”.

Simple Recipes for Beef

Beef is one of the most versatile meats available and is frequently used in a huge number of cuisines from the obvious such as American and Italian to the more ‘unusual’ like Moroccan or Lebanese.

One of the most simple recipes for beef is a classic, the beef meatball. A true staple of Italian cuisine, you can throw together beef meatballs just by blending together your minced beef (of any fat content) with a little onion, egg yolk, oregano, salt and pepper. Ball this up (optionally with a little flour to hold it together) and you’ll wind up with a recipe which is 10x more tasty than the simple balls of pure beef that you’ll buy in a store.

Past beef meatballs, there are also any number of beef recipes you can throw together and the most important aspect is the cut of beef you’re using – and anything from brisket to beef bourguignon can be made from the right cuts to create a beautiful dish.

Simple Recipes for Chicken

In comparison to beef, chicken suits itself to far more simplistic and subtle dishes. While beef is suited towards strong and bold flavors like tomatoes and red wine, chicken is far more suited to subtle herbs or creamy sauces. This being said, certain stronger flavors can really enhance the flavors offered by chicken such as the classic Mexican or Tex-Mex dish of chicken fajitas.

In chicken fajitas, a simple spice mix of pepper, salt, smoked paprika and any of a few other spices (garlic powder, onion powder, etc) can be combined in a fry-up with pepper and onion to produce wonderful fajitas. Throw these together in a tortilla wrap with some guacamole, sour cream, salsa and a little grated cheese and you’ll have a perfect Mexican feast.

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