Oct 102018

So you’ve had a long day at the office and you finally get home. No doubt you’ve been delayed multiple times on your journey back (because who isn’t when they’re commuting) and by the time you eventually get through your front door there’s little else on your mind besides opening a nice bottle of wine and relaxing into the evening.

Wine opener
Once you’ve lost one beautiful bottle of wine to a broken corkscrew, you’ll be sure to grab yourself an expensive wine bottle opener and make sure that you never do this again! I’d recommend one like in the photo above, but each to their own.

For me though, there’s little better than getting home after a long day at the office (or a long day travelling) and opening a nice bottle of red wine. There’s very little that can beat a solid Malbec (especially served alongside a nice juicy steak…although now I’m getting sidetracked). Failing that, I’ll tend to go for a Merlot or a glass of something similar. After once winding up with a broken corkscrew and cork in an expensive bottle gifted to me from a friend, I decided to invest in a solid wine bottle opener and I’ve never looked back.

To be honest, there’s no better bottle of wine to open than the one you have to hand, but this doesn’t mean that individuals are without their personal preferences. I’ve always been a great fan of red wine, whereas my wife much prefers white. We can both compromise on prosecco (or any other kind of sparkling wine, champagne if it’s a special occasion) but trying to get her to drink red wine is like trying to get her to drink pond water – try as I might, it’s just never going to happen! And this is even though red wine has been linked to great health effects and improvement in general mood (along with reduction in heart disease effect).

And while most (cheaper) bottles of white tend to be screw-top, our personal favorites (we picked up a great crate of Zinfendel from a great vineyard in wine country last summer which we’re still powering through) are often corked too – so getting a solid wine bottle opener is absolutely ESSENTIAL! We’ve tried a number of different bottles throughout our years together and tend to find that we have a preference to wines which originate in hotter countries often found in the new world. This isn’t to say that we can’t find wine we love originating from any country, but we just typically see that wines from here will always be sweeter – probably due to the higher content of sugar created in the grapes when they’re in situ on the vine.

Wine and meat
Wine and meat is a beautiful combination, and there’s little that excites me more than a lovely bottle of red and a great steak

In my younger years, there was little that would quench the thirst of the day more than a beer, but after putting on significant weight in my mid thirties I made the decision to cut out the beer for good and to be honest it’s frankly incredible how much of an impact just doing that has made on my weight. I still enjoy opening a nice bottle of wine on most weeks, but the effects of cutting out beer from my diet have bluntly meant I can drink and eat whatever else I want without much regard for the calories. It’s probably worth noting that I applied the same logic to remove any non-diet beverage drinks from my diet, which I’m sure also makes a significant difference.

All in all though, this means that you can crack open a nice bottle of wine most evenings without fear and enjoy one alongside any beautiful meat recipes you’ve got cooking. Great stuff!

Next time you get home after a long day, if you’re looking for some inspiration, then feel free to torture yourself with the video below – with some of the most expensive wines in the world showcased. If you happen to buy a bottle, please send me one!!

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